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Dan Schneider

You have to be kidding, by using Mama T as a moral effigy? Have you done any reseacrh into her life? The ties to monied interests, the unaccountability of her many income sources, the wretched 'health care' her order gave? The fact that she wd refuse to treat some sufferers unless they agreed to allow her to proselytize? Christopher Hitchens did a marvelous expose of the Ghoul of Calcutta- as he called her. Reading it shd be 101.
And morals are not ethics. Mama T is a good example of the difference. Dan


Wow. Mama T...say it ain't so.

Dan Schneider

Obviously you were using her as an example. My point is that if you were to talk of good effective governance one wd not use Mussolini, even though his record on Italian infrastructure, before the war, was supposedly superb. DAN


Fair enough. I'm sure I'll need an example of a saintly, super-atruistic person again, though. Who do you suggest I use in place of Mother Teresa?

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