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Let met take another run at the point I was making by highlighting the distinction between empirical and conceptual uncertainty. My basic claim is that these are different concepts and that, as such, there isn't a direct inferential route from a premise about one to a conclusion about the other. If this is right then the way to repair the argument is to supply a premise asserting a relevant analogy between empirical uncertainty and conceptual uncertainty.

One reason this is problematic is that defending such a premise is going to require you to develop a fairly detailed account of both sorts of uncertaintly. But if you had such an account of conceptual uncertainty then you'd be in position to talk about the abortion case explicitly rather than relying on analogies to other sorts of cases.


Thanks, Zwichenzug. I appreciate your insights. I'm going to continue to think about this one for a while, and plan to return to it again in the future.

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